This category delves deep into the mysterious world ofconspiracy. According to the Oxford English dictionary, a conspiracy is asecret plan to commit crime or do harm. It is often accompanied by the plan tocover up the committed misdeed. Throughout history there have been anincredible number of conspiracies and the impact of their accomplishment oftenechoed through time with a number of consequences.

The most impressive of these conspiracies gave out theimpression of a series of random misfortunate evens. Only a number ofinsightful individuals were ever able to uncover the truth behind certainevents, but often unwilling or unable to share their discoveries with the others.

The content of this category is for those of you with anopen mind and the skeptical view of various peculiar occurrences worldwide.Learn about different conspiracies made to change the world order of things,shield the truth from the eyes of the public and gain control over thegoverning structures around the world.

Find out about the plans to gain control over the populationof Earth, and how the war campaigns waged by the U.S. army were connected tothe Central Bank of America. Learn about the rise and fall of one of the mostpowerful groups in the world, the Knights Templar.

The ever burning question of are we alone in the universemight already have an answer that is deliberately being hidden from themajority of the population. See the leaked U.S. government documents and barewitness the gravity of the implications that they have. Discover the truthabout the light bulb conspiracy and see if the everyday products that you usehave an intentionally shortened life span.

Have you ever wondered if the pharmaceutical companies arehiding the truth about the cure for cancer and how is cannabis connected withthe cure. Watch the documentaries provided for you and bring your ownconclusion.

We have given you just some of the examples of thedocumentaries and video materials concerning the conspiracies that you were probablyunaware of. This category could prove to be a real eye opener for you.

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Wiki Rebels: The Wikileaks Documentary
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This is an exciting narrative on WikiLeaks and the individuals behind it! From summer 2010 as of not long ago, Swedish Television has been taking after the shrouded media system WikiLeaks and its puzz...

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Loose Change
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Loose Change is a movie series filmed and screened from 2005 to 2009 which contend for certain paranoid notions encompassing the attacks on September 11th. The movies were composed and coordinated by ...

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Esoteric Agenda
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The more humankind strays from its birthplace, the more wedeny our bond with nature, the more remote from flawlessness we get to be. Weare the main animals on the planet that utilization images in...

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Room 237
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This is an American documentary from 2012. The director isRodney Ascher and the production credits go to Tim Kirk. The film is lookinginto ‘The Shining’, a Stanley Kubrick movie. Among the fea...

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Antichrist (part II)
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Common wisdom has it we prepare for our future by understanding our past. But did the ancient prophets already know the future? Are we living in the world they predicted? In this enlightening and ofte...

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Antichrist (part I)
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Common wisdom has it we prepare for our future by understanding our past. But did the ancient prophets already know the future? Are we living in the world they predicted? In this enlightening and ofte...

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Aaron Swartz: Shape the Internet
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Aaron Hillel Swartz was born on November 8, 1986 and died onJanuary 11, 2013.He was an American computer programmer, entrepreneur,writer, a political organizer and Internet ‘...

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The House of Rothschild
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The Rothschild Family - Puppet Masters - World's Only Trillionaires"Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes the laws." "We shall have World Government, wheth...

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The Murder of Fred Hamptonbegan as a film portrait of Hampton and the Illinois Black Panther Party, but half way through the shoot, Hampton was murdered by Chicago policeman.‘The...

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All across the planet there are huge stone memorials. Nearly everybody knows they were made thousands of years ago by prehistoric man.Nonetheless could virtually everyone be mistak...

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Latest Conspiracy Articles
The legend is that three trains from the Nazi German era were buried underground in January 1945 in an effort to preserv...
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Back in 2009, Pavel Globa predicted the airplane crashes that happened last year. According to his beliefs, 85% from his...
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In July this year, Malaysian and Australian authorities found a wing part that they believed came from the missing Fligh...
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There have conspiracy theories about what is thought to be a budget financing secret military operations since 2007, whe...
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The mummy dubbed The Unknown Man E was discovered in 1886 by Gaston Maspero, who was then serving as the head of Egyptia...
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