Truther or: I Am Not a Conspiracy Theorist

Jan 18, 2024 | Conspiracy, Videos

On September 11th, 2001, the world was forever changed when terrorists attacked the United States of America. The tragic event set off a wave of conspiracy theories that have persisted to this day. Truther or: I Am Not a Conspiracy Theorist is a documentary which offers an in-depth exploration of these theories and their main proponents.

The documentary chronicles some of the most influential figures who have spread their doubts and theories across the globe. From scientists and engineers to academics and government officials, viewers will gain insight into why these individuals are so passionate and determined about their beliefs. Additionally, the film looks at how these theories have been shaped by different cultures around the world and how they continue to exist in various forms today.

The documentary also features interviews with people affected by 9/11 as well as those who believe there may be more to the story than what has been officially reported. These conversations provide an emotional connection between viewers and those featured in the film, allowing them to gain an understanding on a deeper level.

If you’re looking to explore this unique movement then Truther or: I Am Not a Conspiracy Theorist is an essential watch. With its intriguing look into conspiracy theories surrounding 9/11 and its powerful stories from those affected by it, this documentary provides invaluable insight into one of history’s greatest mysteries.

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David B