Your plastic waste might be traded by criminals

Aug 22, 2023 | Environmental, Videos

It’s no secret that plastic waste is one of the biggest environmental threats facing our planet. Every year, an estimated eight million metric tons of plastic end up in our oceans, but few people know about the hidden networks responsible for transporting this waste all over the world. The documentary “Trashed: The Dark Side of Plastic Waste Trade” takes an in-depth look at one such network – a dark web of shady operators and corrupt middlemen that connect Germany to Malaysia, with devastating consequences.

At its core, this network is fueled by plastic waste generated by Western countries that is then smuggled into developing countries like Malaysia. German companies, seeking profit margins and tax advantages, often turn a blind eye to the facts on the ground – namely that many Malaysian workers are not provided with adequate safety protections while handling these hazardous materials. This leaves them exposed to potentially harmful chemicals used in plastic production and other pollutants released during disposal.

The effects of this global trade extend beyond just human health concerns – local ecosystems are also suffering from microplastic pollution caused by discarded wrappers, bags and straws. In Malaysia for example, rivers have been found to contain dangerously high levels of plastic residue due to illegal dumping or careless disposal methods used by factories located nearby.

If we want to start solving the problem posed by this global issue, we have to begin with education and building awareness – starting with understanding how it works. By watching “Trashed: The Dark Side of Plastic Waste Trade”, viewers can gain insight into this complex network as well as learn more about the potential solutions that could help break it apart and protect our planet from further harm.

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David B