The deceptive promise of free trade

May 17, 2023 | Business, People, Social, Videos

The global trade landscape has never been more tumultuous. The G7 Summit in Canada is the backdrop for some of the most pressing trade questions of our time: Is free trade truly free – and fair? What roles do economic superpowers China and the EU play in the ever-changing dynamic? But beyond the public eye, trickery, threats and deception have also become a daily occurrence. Has the time come to reassess the liberal orthodoxy of free trade entirely?
Against this backdrop, this documentary travels across Germany, Switzerland, the United States and Cameroon to explore the true winners and losers of globalization by way of some everyday examples. From the trade in onions to bicycles, the film provides a unique insight into how the promises of prosperity from free trade increasingly ring hollow for everyday people around the world. As economic nationalism, isolationism, and protectionism take hold, will the liberal orthodoxy of free trade survive? Discover the answers to these questions and more in this powerful exploration of global trade.

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David B