Young Nuns - Women in Early 20s Become Nuns

  • Published 5 years ago
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In a world where society is morally bankrupt, selfish and materialistic, it is refreshing to see that some young people are ready to give up temptations and lead chaste and consecrated life. In other words, becoming nuns and monks and devoting their life to god.

For most 20 something young people, the life starts after graduation. Next step in their life is finding a job, starting a career, finding a partner to share life with, having children, becoming a mother, raising your children and so on in the circle of life.

On the other side, there are young people who decide to give up on their friends, family, money, and devote their life to God, helping the poor and those in need. Mother Teresa is the most famous nun of all, and she was recently made saint by the Catholic Church.

But rarely young women follow her example. This documentary follows the story of two young British women who decided to give up their careers, family, boyfriends and devote their life to God. The number of women in Britain and in the world becoming nun is getting smaller and smaller with each passing year, so it is encouraging to find such people.

Check their story, their challenges, and why they decided to become nuns. Did they get the support from family and friends?

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