The Best Documentaries About Mother Teresa

Oct 25, 2023 | Best Of, History, Personal Triumphs, Religion

Mother Teresa was a woman of immense compassion and unrelenting drive whose commitment to helping those in need knew no bounds. She devoted her life to selfless service, becoming one of the most beloved figures of modern history. It’s only natural that her inspiring story has been told time and again through documentaries. From capturing her early life in Macedonia to exploring her later years as a Nobel peace Prize winner, these documentaries celebrate the life of an inspiring humanitarian. We’ve rounded up some of the best documentaries about Mother Teresa to help you learn more about her incredible story and legacy. Sit back, relax, and let the stories unfold!


1. Life Journey Of St Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa was a social activist and spiritual leader who devoted her life to helping others. Her many acts of kindness made her an icon for the world, yet few know her full story. That is why she is such an important documentary about her life and legacy.This unique film follows Mother Teresa’s journey from humble beginnings in rural Macedonia, to a life devoted to helping others. It provides an in-depth look into her struggle to bring comfort and aid to those in need, as well as the obstacles she faced along the way.


2. Mother Teresa: For The Love Of GOD

Mother Teresa is one of the most celebrated figures in modern history. Her life’s work as a humanitarian and nun has been an inspiration to millions around the world. Sky Documentaries brings us For The Love Of GOD?, which provides an intimate look at Mother Teresa’s life, her motivations and her everlasting impact on humanity.


6. The Inner Struggle of this Holy Woman

The world knows her as the revered saintly figure, Mother Teresa. But few know of the inner struggles she faced while on her mission to serve humanity. The documentary reveals this other side of the Nobel Prize-winning religious leader in an intimate and inspiring way. Through interviews with those close to her, we learn of her doubts.


4. Mother Teresa: For The Love Of GOD

Mother Teresa stands out as a beacon of religious faith and human kindness. Her influence on modern culture is undeniable, and her legacy lives on in the hearts of many around the world. In this two-part documentary series from Sky Documentaries, we explore the incredible life and work of Mother Teresa.


5. Mother Teresa of Calcutta

This is an inspirational story of dedication and service. It follows the remarkable life of Mother Teresa, who devoted herself to caring for the impoverished and destitute from her early ministry days until her passing. She was determined to make a difference in people’s lives by founding new congregations within the Church, setting up shelters for orphans and those on their deathbeds.



This poignant documentary, released in 1997, highlights the work of Mother Teresa and her inspiring mission to care for the poor in Calcutta, India. This offers a unique look into Mother Teresa’s legacy at her original place of service – ‘Home for the Dying’ – where she began her journey of selfless service to those in need. Through this film, viewers gain a better understanding of why Mother Teresa called this place her “first love”. A powerful reminder that kindness and compassion can make all the difference; She is truly an inspiring account of a remarkable woman.


7. MOTHER TERESA: Nobel Peace Prize Speech

Watch the inspiring story of Mother Teresa of Calcutta, an Albanian-Indian Roman Catholic Nun and missionary. From her humble beginnings in Skopje to receiving a Nobel Peace Prize for her work, Mother Teresa has touched hearts around the world. In her 1979 Acceptance Speech at the University of Oslo, Norway, she spoke about the importance of love in our lives. Mother Teresa said “I am sure in many of our homes, we may not be hungry for a piece of bread, but there is somebody who is unwanted, unloved and uncared for. Love begins at home and to be true it has to hurt.”

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