World’s Biggest, Longest Trains | Ultimate Vehicles | S01 E05

Aug 25, 2023 | Technology, Videos

Trains have been a major mode of transportation for centuries, and it’s hard not to marvel at these magnificent machines. From the sooty express locomotives to sinfully expensive luxury trains, trains have always been much more than just a mode of transportation. And let’s not forget the freight trains that stretch for kilometers, transporting goods across vast and diverse terrains.
Just like planes and ships, trains have become a fascination for people around the world. The train’s fan base is one of the most devoted – and for good reason. Trains have revolutionized the way we travel, making it both affordable and efficient. And apart from traveling, trains play a vital role in global commerce. Forty percent of all freight worldwide is transported by trains, making it one of the most preferred and environmentally friendly methods of transportation.
The history of trains has seen some remarkable feats, from traveling at breakneck speeds to climbing steep routes. One such notable invention was the DR 18201 steam locomotive – the fastest in the world, capable of traveling at up to 180 km/h. Although it is no longer in use, this locomotive still inspires awe.
While high-speed trains are commonplace, the ICE 4 stands out thanks to its innovative drive concept, making it the most flexible and energy-efficient high-speed train. And if you think that train travel should be just about transportation, luxury train service is booming around the world, offering a unique experience of travel. The Shiki-shima, developed by a former Ferrari designer, offers everything from a piano bar to underfloor heating and panoramic cars.

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