World’s Biggest, Fastest Ships | Ultimate Vehicles | S01 E01

Jul 26, 2023 | Technology, Videos

The most gigantic vehicles in the world can be found on water. Even today, ships remain the most efficient means of transporting consumer goods worldwide. Would you like to know more about these massive vessels and their remarkable technology?
In the new documentary series, we bring you on a journey to explore the ultimate vehicles on water, from the biggest container ship to the most modern submarines in the world.
The first episode highlights the OOCL Hong Kong, the biggest container ship in the world that carries over 21,000 containers on board. Witness the ship sail across the seven seas and see if what was projected by computer simulations also works in practice.
In addition to the biggest container ship, we also introduce other ships that offer different propulsion designs. From wind power to aircraft turbines and fuel cells, we showcase the variety of technology that is used in these ultimate vehicles.
Experience the feeling of being on board the most luxurious and fastest sailing ship in the world, the Sea Cloud, where Hollywood stars and diplomats used to gather. Today, it is the world’s oldest active cruise ship, and one of the last of its generation.
We also explore the HSC Francisco, which some consider the Concorde of the water, as its turbines were developed from aircraft technology, making it the fastest commercial ship in the world. Could it compete with airplanes on the route between Buenos Aires in Argentina and Montevideo in Uruguay?
Lastly, we introduce the U212A, one of the most modern submarines in the world, designed for silent and invisible coastal defense. Its fuel-cell propulsion technology makes it fascinating and mysterious.
Don’t miss out on discovering the most gigantic vehicles on water. Watch the new documentary series now.

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