Working the land for our climate – Healthy soil, healthy world

Jul 13, 2023 | Environmental, Food/Drink, Videos

The world’s soils are degrading at an alarming rate, with over 100,000 square kilometers of fertile land lost annually. Concrete and chemicals have disintegrated this vital foundation of life. The documentary tells the story of Josef Nagl, an Austrian farmer, who has transformed his family farm, radiating a clear message that we must respect and care for the soil. Nagi, and other farmers of the ecological region of Kaindorf, have found a way to create a sustainable farming model that fosters soil health while still meeting the challenges of food production. The film’s audience is introduced to the power of diverse crop rotation, constant greening of the fields, and switching to natural cycles. These changes offer the soil a fighting chance, increasing its health and longevity while reversing the damage done by modern farming techniques.
Can areas that have been contaminated with heavy metals and acids be returned to a thriving environment? Enter Erika Kothe and geologist Thorsten Schäfer who explore the depths of this question. The documentary showcases their work in Eastern Germany, in soil where agriculture will be impossible for centuries. Theyíve uncovered the healing potential within plants, bacteria, and fungi, pinpointing their ability to remove heavy-metal contaminants from the soil. This method could be used globally to fiendishly restore post-mining landscapes to their former glory. The documentary concludes with a strong message that we need to adopt sustainable approaches to agriculture while still ensuring food production for generations to come.

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David B