Words of resistance – Deutsche Welle and the Greek dictatorship

Nov 26, 2023 | History, Military/War, Videos

A small band of Greek men and women exiled themselves under the military dictatorship from 1967 to 1974. In addition to fighting for their own freedom, they created a beacon of truth in the form of a Greek-language news service broadcasted every evening by Deutsche Welle. Deutsche Welle and the Resistance to Greece’s Dictatorship tells this historical chapter.
This documentary presents an unprecedented in-depth look at the human aspect of the Greek exiles’ stories, who found freedom in West Germany’s international broadcasting services. It tells of the challenges they had gone through in their fight against fascism with words, after being forced into exile by the right-wing “Regime of the Colonels.” They fought a prolonged struggle to sustain the hope and dignity of the Greek people, and their hour-long show became the main source of uncensored news for millions in Greece.

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David B