Why we need to ditch natural gas (asap)

Jun 18, 2023 | Environmental, Technology, Videos

Natural gas is an incredible energy source that offers many advantages over coal, the most prominent being its ability to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. It’s abundant and versatile, making it much more efficient than coal. However, despite these positive qualities, natural gas is still a fossil fuel – meaning it contributes to the continued climate change crisis.

This makes for a fascinating documentary, showcasing the pros and cons of natural gas as an energy source. Through interviews with environmental experts and energy industry insiders, viewers can gain a better understanding of this complex issue. The film looks at how natural gas can be used responsibly and sustainably while also helping to tackle climate change.

The documentary educates viewers on both sides of the argument, allowing them to form their own opinion on this pressing matter. Through intriguing visuals and impactful stories, it encourages viewers to think critically about one of today’s most important topics: our planet’s future.

This documentary is essential viewing for anyone wishing to learn more about climate change and its causes. By learning more about natural gas as an energy source – both good and bad – you’ll become better informed when making your own decisions on how best to protect our planet from further destruction. So join us in watching this thought-provoking film today!

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David B