Why fossil fuel companies should be lawyering up

Aug 8, 2023 | Environmental, People, Videos

Climate change has become a major topic of discussion around the world, with corporations and governments increasingly coming under fire for their part in ignoring and refusing to address the issue. Now, activists are taking matters into their own hands by launching climate litigation cases. These legal battles have been gaining traction and success – with a growing number of victories for environmental defenders.

At the center of many of these court cases is a documentary film called ‘The End of Nature’, which traces the long history of human-caused climate change. The film serves as an important wake-up call about our current state of affairs, highlighting how far we have come since first recognizing this global threat and what needs to be done to confront it.

By seeking justice through the courts, those involved in climate litigation are hoping to make progress where governments and corporations have failed in taking decisive action on reducing emissions. In some cases, they are even aiming to hold these parties accountable for what they’ve done so far in contributing to environmental degradation.

If you want to learn more about climate litigation – and understand why it’s important – then ‘The End of Nature’ provides an essential look at how this type of activism is playing out both nationally and globally. With stories from activists on the front lines, as well as interviews with leading legal experts, this documentary offers valuable insight into what actions need to be taken now if we’re going to make a meaningful difference in reversing climate change.

So if you’re looking for an engaging way to educate yourself on this pressing issue – or just want to understand more about why climate litigation is so important – then ‘The End of Nature’ is definitely worth watching!

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David B