Who owns water?

May 30, 2023 | Nature, Social, Videos

The world is facing a water crisis. With the onset of climate change, essential water resources are becoming scarcer and scarcer. This burgeoning crisis spans the globe, causing distress and upheaval for individuals and whole communities. Against this backdrop of crisis and conflict, a new documentary, expertly crafted and expertly researched, investigates this increasingly pressing issue.
The documentary takes an unflinching look at how climate change is causing temperatures to rise, reservoirs to dry up, and water rights to become a commodity ripe for investment. The filmmakers expertly weave together personal stories of struggle alongside insights from scientists and activists, creating a compelling narrative that blends human emotion and scientific fact. The documentary uncovers the hard questions that the world must face in the coming years as water scarcity threatens to cause widespread devastation. With honesty and compassion, the documentary invites us to deeply consider one of the greatest challenges of our time.

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David B