Where We Go After Death?

Jul 20, 2022 | Religion, Science, Videos

It is a question that haunts us all. What happens when we die? Some say that they’ve seen the other side. On one hand, we have the religious view, where people  believe they will go to either Heaven or Hell, depending on the life they had on Earth. On the other side, we have the scientific approach, with scientists believing more resources should be spent on this endeavor.

Is death the end? Or is there something more? Is there an Afterlife?

The documentary takes you through several cases with “strange” cases where people have “came back” from the other world.

One doctor in the video explains Death as process, it is not a moment in time. Most of us actually think that death comes when the brain dies. That moment is that you die as a human. But at the very end, people in emergency care see few gasps of last breath, before the flat line. That is when doctors clinically declare death.

The documentary explains mostly the scientific approach to death, and whether there is something beyond the clinical death moment. But it is one worth understanding.

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Riyan H.