What is Consciousness? What is Its Purpose?

Nov 12, 2023 | Culture, Social, Videos

The phenomenon of consciousness is one of the most fascinating topics that humans have ever explored, and it has been a puzzle for scientists and philosophers alike. As our level of understanding grows, we can delve further into the complexities of this concept. It is no wonder then that Albert Einstein called it “the most important decision we make very early in life” – whether to live in a friendly or hostile universe.

When it comes to research on this subject, neuroscience has made leaps and bounds in terms of uncovering the mysteries behind consciousness. Studies have revealed that there are legitimate forms of double or split consciousness taking place in our brains which occurs when the connection between hemispheres is broken. Our knowledge about the workings of the human mind and the universe continue to expand rapidly.

At its heart, the study of consciousness involves quantum physics – a field which reveals that seemingly random oscillations can still reveal consistent patterns when examined closely. This deeper understanding has led to incredible advancements in technology, allowing us to better understand how things like music emerge from within physical devices such as record players.

The current scientific assessment regarding what brings about our consciousness proposes that it is an emergent phenomenon – something that is created through billions of neurons communicating with each other. Furthermore, since our brains have an amazing ability for self-change (known as neuroplasticity), these processes continue to reshape our experience throughout life. For example, some behaviors and habits accepted by society today were considered morally corrupt just 300 years ago – showing us just how much our collective mentality can evolve over time.

Exploring these complexities can be done through various mediums, including documentaries such as ‘The Fabric Of Consciousness’ which dives deep into this fascinating topic and encourages viewers to ponder their own relationship with themselves and their environment. It is sure to be an enlightening experience for anyone interested in learning more about this mysterious subject matter!

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