We need to talk about radical climate protests

Sep 12, 2023 | Environmental, Videos


Climate change has become a hot button issue in recent years, and it’s no surprise why. From extreme weather events to rising sea levels and the melting of polar ice caps, the effects of climate change are felt by people around the world. With growing awareness of the issue, more and more people have started to take part in climate activism — from peaceful protests to civil disobedience.

However, this surge has also been met with a huge backlash from those who oppose it. Does civil disobedience work or is it harming the movement? And why is everyone mad at the messenger, and not the perpetrators? A new documentary seeks to answer these questions by delving into both the past and present of climate activism through interviews with activists, politicians and scientists.

The documentary examines episodes such as Greenpeace activists blocking coal vessels in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef Marine Park in 2019 to highlight how direct actions can bring attention to important environmental issues. It also looks at other historical moments like when US students staged sit-ins at Senator Lisa Murkowski’s office in 2014 in an effort to push for tougher regulations on carbon emissions.

In addition to exploring specific events, the documentary also dives deeper into understanding why civil disobedience has been used for centuries as a tool for social justice movements — from Mahatma Gandhi’s Salt March against British rule in India to Martin Luther King Jr.’s protests against racial segregation in America. Through these examples, viewers can better appreciate how civil disobedience can lead to real change even when traditional methods fail.

At its heart, this documentary serves as an urgent call-to-action so that we can all work together towards creating a healthier planet before it’s too late. If you want to find out more about this important topic and be inspired by stories of courage and resilience on display here, then make sure you watch this powerful film!

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David B