We already know how to solve wildfires

Sep 17, 2023 | Environmental, Videos

Wildfires have become a global issue, with disastrous fires impacting countries across the world. In recent years, California has suffered from devastating wildfires that have destroyed homes and impacted air quality. Australia has also seen a spike in fires due to dry conditions, with Indonesia, Siberia and Brazil also experiencing out-of-control blazes. The Democratic Republic of Congo is not exempt from this phenomenon either.

These fires are more than just an environmental catastrophe; they affect people’s livelihoods and communities, leaving them in ruins after the flames have died down. Airborne toxins from these fires can travel far distances and make their way into the lungs of millions of people around the world. This reduces air quality and can even raise mortality rates among those affected by smoke inhalation.

In order to prevent further destruction by wildfire, we must take further steps to help protect our environment. We must create stronger policies to reduce deforestation and habitat destruction that lead to higher concentrations of combustible material in an area. We must also develop strategies for dealing with fire when it does occur – such as advancing firefighting technologies and training more firefighters – in order to minimize damage done should disaster strike.

Understanding the dangers of wildfire is crucial for taking steps toward prevention – but how do we learn about it? This is where documentaries come in handy; a great example being Into the Fire: A Look at Wildfire Prevention from Around the World. It takes you on a journey through various countries experiencing fires – from California to Siberia – giving viewers an intimate look at how different nations are tackling the problem of wildfire prevention head-on. It’s an important film that shows us why we need to take proactive action now before it’s too late.


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David B