Vicious Beauties – The Secret World Of The Jellyfish (Full Documentary, HD)

Jul 21, 2023 | Animals, Environmental, Videos

The mysterious and exotic world of jellyfish has long begged to be explored, and now the chance is here. Gerhard Jarms, one of the world’s most renowned medusae scientists, has set out on a journey that takes us on an expedition through the northern Atlantic to find the periphylla, to the Azores in the Atlantic where XY jellies seek shelter in caves in rough seas.

We will also explore Jellyfish Lake in the Pacific, full of beautiful jellyfish swimming in its depths, as well as some of western Papua’s most stunning coral reefs. Last but not least we will search off Australia’s coast for one of nature’s deadliest inhabitants: the sea wasp.

From start to finish this documentary is sure to thrill viewers with its unique combination of breathtaking beauty and danger. With Gerhard Jarms as our guide, we are taken beyond what mere words can express and shown a world that could exist nowhere else than beneath the waves. Get ready for an adventure unlike any other – don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to discover this amazing and mysterious world!

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David B