Attack Of The Giant Jellyfish

May 21, 2022 | Environmental, Nature, Videos

The world is under attack. What is the first thing that popped inside your head? In most cases, you think of terrorists. We are all under attack by terrorists around the world.

But in this case, we are talking about a different type of attack. And that is the Giant Jellyfish. Certainly you never thought the world could be under attack by jellyfish? Right? Wrong!

An army of jellyfish is taking over the ocean, and the result is less food supply. Jellyfishes have become the best evolutionary species. They can survive climate change, pollution, and every other outside factor you can think.

At the moment, jellyfishes are considered one of the big threats to water species. There are small, and large species of jellyfish. And it is the large species that pose a threat.

Growing up to six feet, some of these jellyfishes feed on fishes we need for our diet. The documentary takes a look at how jellyfishes are attacking our world, and what we can do to stop this invasion.

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Riyan H.