VICE on HBO: Season 1

Nov 10, 2023 | Crime, Culture, Drugs, Environmental, Military/War, Nature, Political, Religion, Social, Videos

VICE is an award-winning documentary series that takes viewers around the world to explore some of the most controversial, captivating, and untold stories from around the globe. From investigating child soldiers in war-torn countries to looking into the effects of China’s one-child policy, VICE exposes viewers to a vast array of issues affecting people everywhere. This must-see series is now available for free on, in ten episodes filled with gripping and thought-provoking material.

Episode 1 – Killer Kids dives into how children are used as weapons of war in places like Pakistan and Afghanistan. Viewers witness first-hand how these young boys are trained to murder, a heartbreaking truth about global conflict.

In Episode 2 – Bad Borders, VICE examines how citizens from opposing countries that share a border suffer tremendous oppression and poverty. In North Korea, those who attempt escape face tremendous hurdles along the way, while India and Pakistan are at odds over shared territory.

Guns & Ammo looks into why students have been bringing guns into schools in America; if arming teachers is a viable solution; as well as delving into the toxins found in modern ammunition that has caused birth defects and diseases in other parts of the world such as Pakistan (Ep 3). Love & Rockets (Ep 4) follows up by exploring the ramifications of China’s one-child policy which has resulted in an estimated 50 million more men than women, making marriage difficult for many Chinese men; while Spain’s government austerity measures have taken their toll on education, healthcare, and social welfare initiatives due to economic strife (Ep 5).

In Winners & Losers we travel to Mauritania where weight plays an important role when it comes to beauty standards; Utah where polygamist leader Warren Jeffs continues to control his town despite being serving life in prison; as well as India where deep class divides remain evident (Ep 6). Corruption (Ep 7) takes us back to China where massive buildings remain vacant—a potential real estate disaster waiting to happen—and Egypt which toppled one authoritarian regime only to find itself ruled by another.

The next few episodes look at addiction in Indonesia (where average smoking age is six) and Mexico (where a heroine addict attempts recovery through voodoo); Fighting Chances in Senegal where Laamb wrestling reigns supreme amid climate change damage done throughout Venice; Gangs & Oil which investigates Chicago’s gun epidemic and Nigeria’s oil industry issues caused by pirates; before wrapping up with The Hermit Kingdom (Ep 10), which focuses on North Korea’s unique use of basketball as a means of foreign relations.

These ten gripping episodes of VICE provide an eye-opening perspective on some of today’s most pressing topics that don’t always make headlines elsewhere. For anyone wanting deeper insight or greater understanding on these issues around the world, this documentary series can provide fascinating answers—all without leaving your chair! So don’t miss out: watch all ten episodes now available for free on!

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