Underground | Tracks East

Sep 5, 2023 | People, Social, Videos

The conflict in Ukraine has been ongoing for more than a year, leaving its people seeking refuge from the Russian missiles that have been falling from the skies above their cities. Out of necessity, basement shelters, bunkers and metro stations have become more than just temporary hideouts, having to serve as homes to hundreds of civilians. Tracks East takes an up-close look at what life is like in these underground dwellings.

In this documentary, we explore the struggle and hardship faced by those living in these conditions. With no guarantee of when peace will come, many are left with no other option but to take refuge in such places. Passages between safety and danger are few and far between, making it even more difficult for those who remain there.

The documentary focuses on how people’s lives have changed since the conflict began and how they cope with being stuck underground indefinitely. We also hear stories of resilience and courage despite such dire circumstances, highlighting how Ukrainians have dealt with their situation through solidarity and hope for a better future.

Tracks East provides a thought-provoking view into what life has become for those living under constant fear of war. It is an important source of information about the human cost of war and should be watched by anyone interested in gaining a better understanding of the crisis in Ukraine.

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David B