Ukraine: Back in the war – The homecoming of photographer Yuri Kosin

Aug 14, 2023 | People, Performing Arts, Social, Videos

In the midst of what seemed like unabated destruction and human suffering, Yuri Kosin saw an opportunity to make a difference. In his hometown of Irpin, located near Kyiv, he documented the horrors of war that had unwelcomingly enveloped his community, transforming his camera into a potent weapon that could help in preserving an edifying historical record. His pictures testify to war’s brutal destruction, the interminable suffering, and people’s endeavors to live some kind of life within a nightmare.
Yuri’s images have a raw power that can create an emotional impact, evoke empathy, or shake you to your core. They can also form the basis of war strategies, interpretation, and political action. The documentary takes an intimate look at this photographer’s journey back home and his efforts to capture the before and after of the conflict. War On My Doorstep is an environmental, political, and social documentary that invites you into a world of human experiences that are often ignored but are crucial to our collective history.

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David B