The remarkable story of Mike Tyson is one that continues to fascinate audiences around the world. At the tender age of 20, Tyson made history by becoming the youngest heavyweight boxing champion ever and seemingly rose to the top of his sport in an instant.

However, as quickly as he attained fame and fortune, it all came crashing down just as fast. His story is filled with controversy, mystery, and misunderstanding – but all these elements come together to create a narrative that is both gripping and inspirational.

Tyson’s documentary gives viewers an intimate look at his life and career. It features exclusive interviews with those close to him, including family members, former trainers, opponents, sports journalists and more. These individuals give first-hand accounts of what it was like to be part of Tyson’s life during his rise to the top and his subsequent fall from grace.

The documentary also takes a deep dive into Tyson’s personal life while weaving in archival footage of some of his most memorable fights. Viewers will get an inside look at what drove him through adversity – including substance abuse issues – plus hear stories about his relationships with iconic figures such as Muhammad Ali and Don King.

If you want the full scoop on one of the most successful heavyweight champions of all time then watch Mike Tyson’s documentary right away! This captivating film will not only enlighten you about Tyson’s life but also provide lessons on how to overcome hardship in order to achieve success.