Trump and Putin (2/2)

Jun 9, 2023 | Political, Videos

This documentary delves into one of the most consequential political relationships of the modern era: that between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin. Join Politicians, insiders, and experts in tracing the tangled web of ties and events that have shaped this often fraught partnership. From the run-up to the 2016 election, which saw Moscow throwing its weight behind Trump, to the aftermath of the Mueller investigation and beyond, this film unpicks the cultural, psychological, and strategic forces that have underpinned the relations between these two men and their nations.
What emerges is a portrait of a complex, intriguing, and often contradictory relationship, one that has both defied and defined expectations. Through interviews with key figures such as Sergei Karaganov, Evgeniya Albaz, and Mikhail Sygar, audiences will gain an unrivalled insight into this vital geopolitical axis. The multi-layered narrative explores both the similarities and the differences between Putin and Trump, revealing how their personalities, political objectives, and worldviews have influenced the way they interact with each other – and the world at large. Whether you’re an expert in international relations, a political junkie, or just interested in understanding the forces that are shaping our world, this documentary is an essential viewing experience that will leave you informed, inspired, and engaged.

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David B