Aug 28, 2023 | Crime, Videos

On June 4, 2004, the small town of Granby, Colorado was nearly destroyed by an event that would later become known as “The Battle of Granby”. A single man, Marvin Heemeyer – a master welder by profession – had been pushed to his emotional breaking point by what he believed was mistreatment and unfairness at the hands of numerous members of the community. After months of mounting frustration and anger, Heemeyer took matters into his own hands in a destructive rampage that would claim two lives and cause millions of dollars in damages.

Heemeyer had spent months constructing an armored bulldozer with which he intended to exact justice on those he felt had wronged him. With thick steel plating and cameras mounted within, his modified vehicle proved nearly indestructible as it plowed through businesses and homes without mercy. Local law enforcement scrambled for a solution while Heemeyer blithely continued his rampage until it came to an abrupt end when explosive charges planted inside one of the buildings blew his bulldozer apart.

The events surrounding The Battle of Granby are now documented in the gripping documentary film Tread, which explores Marvin Heemeyer’s motivations for such drastic action and follows events as they unfold during the chaotic day-long siege. Tread is an engrossing testament to how injustice can drive even a humble

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