Seychelles – Paradise under threat

Jun 15, 2023 | Environmental, Nature, Travel, Videos

In “Saving Paradise,” you’ll discover the fragile and extraordinary ecosystem of Seychelles, an archipelago nestled in the Indian Ocean, and follow a group of passionate conservationists working to save it. With its picture-perfect beaches, rare animal species, and new conservation projects spanning land and sea, Seychelles is truly a one-of-a-kind destination. But increasing climate change poses a relentless threat, and the paradise that so captivates visitors could soon be destroyed unless action is taken.
You’ll meet Seychelles’ committed president, Wavel Ramkalawan, as he shares how his faith motivates him to protect his country’s natural wonders. You’ll also witness the dedication of scientists planting coral nurseries to revive damaged reefs, the importance of seagrass to combat rising carbon levels and the danger posed by rising sea levels to the nesting sites of endangered turtles. This documentary will take you on a journey through a breathtaking paradise, revealing the beauty and fragility of our natural world, and the urgent need for all of us to take action to save it.

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David B