Transplant Surgery – A Chance for Second Life

Sep 3, 2022 | Medicine, Videos

More than 100 people are involved in a transplant operation, and the double transplant surgery takes 10 hours on average. Therefore, can’t waste time and resources if there is a chance the caretakers aren’t up for an awesome responsibility.

The “Ultimate guide to transplant surgery” documentary starts with the story of Ashley Brooks, a heart transplant patient, and doctor James Wolf (a transplant surgeon and a patient in the same time). By the end of it, you can be sure that  you will know at least something more regarding transplantation and transplant surgery.

Doctor Wolf recalls the early days of heart transplantation and surgery. The most important thing, according to Wolf was that mood back then was “first off all, you are dealing with patients who have 100% fatal disease”. And as he puts it, “anything is better than 100% death”.

In a way to improve immune response to the heart transplantation in early days, a team of Harvard decided to try full radiation.

Nowadays, transplant surgery is a common surgery, but it wasn’t always as easy. Take a look at the development and the history that goes into the surgery that offers second life to many patients around the world. And if you are up for medicine related documentaries, we’ve got you covered.

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Riyan H.