Aug 28, 2023 | Videos

The stock market of the pre-21st century was a wild and unpredictable world, full of opportunity for those with a keen eye and a sharp mind. Years before the 1987 stock market crash, Trader featured the stories of some of these daring souls who risked it all in search of fortune.

The documentary delves into the motivations behind these individuals’ actions. From the higher ups at financial institutions to individual traders on the floor, each participant has an interesting story that is worth hearing. The film also examines how these characters navigate the ever-changing tides of the stock market without getting swallowed up by them.

For anyone interested in learning about those thrilling times before our current economic instability, or if you are curious about how people made their fortunes during this era, then you should definitely watch Trader! This fascinating documentary showcases real-life stories that bring history to life as well as giving viewers an insight into what it takes to make it in such a risky trade. So why not take a seat and join us as we venture into this high stakes game?

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David B