TOP Five Worst cases of Hyperinflation in History

Jul 10, 2023 | Finance, History, Videos

Hyperinflation is a devastating phenomenon that has plagued countries throughout history, pushing their currencies into free fall and causing unfathomable economic and social consequences. So what is hyperinflation, and why do countries fall prey to it?
In this documentary, viewers will follow the story of the creation of the Hyperinflation ranking and exploration of the worst five cases of hyperinflation in the last hundred years. From the Weimar Republic of Germany to post-World War II Greece, the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, Zimbabwe, and Post War Hungary, each case study will dive deep into fascinating and often bizarre situations that led to running a country with a currency worth less than the paper it was printed on. Through expert interviews, first-hand accounts, and archival footage, this documentary will take viewers on an informative and eye-opening journey into the world of hyperinflation.

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David B