Timothy O’Bryan Trusted The Candy Man

Jul 31, 2023 | Crime, Videos

On October 31, 1974 the small town of Deer Park Texas was thrown into chaos when a seemingly innocuous act of trick-or-treating took a deadly turn. Ronald Clark O’Bryan and his son Timothy returned home with an abundance of candy, a result of their successful trick-or-treating adventures. However, hours later Timothy would tragically succumb to cyanide poisoning after consuming one of the pieces of candy.

The tragedy that befell this family shook the tightknit community to its core and led to a massive investigation into the heinous crime. Over time, it was revealed that O’Bryan had poisoned the candy himself in order to claim the insurance money for his children’s education. The case quickly gained national attention and has ever since been known as one of the most notorious cases in criminal history.

Today, more than four decades after this tragic event, people are still gripped by its story and captivated by its sobering lessons about life and death. If you want to learn more about this story—including detailed accounts from investigators, local residents, and even O’Bryan himself—make sure you check out the documentary Trick or Treat: The Night Ronald O’Bryan Killed Halloween. It’s an amazing film which explores how such an ordinary night could lead to such tragedy – all while having profound effects on generations after that fateful evening in Deer Park Texas.

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David B