60 Second Adventures

Jun 6, 2023 | Philosophy, Videos

The authors of this series have crafted a captivating and thought-provoking set of small videos exploring some of the most pressing philosophical questions that have been asked throughout history. From the legendary Greek hero Achilles to economy and language, these videos offer simple yet enlightening explanations to age-old queries.

Take for example the classic tortoise and hare race – how could a slow-moving tortoise beat the mighty Achilles? It turns out that by taking small steps consistently, anything is possible! This idea can be applied to many other situations; for instance if we take small but consistent steps towards achieving our goals, nothing is impossible.

Other questions explored in this documentary are: will time travel ever be possible? And if so, what would happen if someone went back in time to kill their own grandfather before they were born? Can machines truly be called intelligent? What happens when an infinite number of guests try to stay at an infinite number of hotel rooms that all appear full? Is it true that the faster you travel through space, the slower you move through time? Can a particle exist in multiple states at once before it is measured?

The documentary also delves into economics – Adam Smith famously talked about leaving people alone to buy and sell freely amongst themselves with no government interference. The concept behind this was termed the “invisible hand”; his theory suggests that even without government control markets can still benefit society as long as traders compete fairly among each other.

Finally, viewers are taken on a journey through English Language History – from the Romans leaving Britain and Germanic tribes flooding in to create Anglo Saxons right up until today. We learn how even though there are traces left behind from Roman rule such as straight roads, their Latin language had little influence over what would become known as modern English.

This fascinating documentary series provides an insightful look into some of mankind’s most beguiling conundrums. With its clever presentation, detailed analysis and entertaining humor, it’s sure to leave viewers with much food for thought and encourage them to explore further. So why not watch it today and expand your understanding!

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David B