Time Travel: The Truth

Jun 26, 2022 | Science, Technology, Videos

Time Travel has become one of the most popular topics in recent years. Truth be told, scientists have always been fascinated with the thought that traveling through time might be possible.

Time travel is defined as “the concept of movement between certain points in time, analogous to movement between different points in space”.

In the past few years, we’ve had multiple shows and movies that explored the subject of time travel. One of the most popular shows recently to address the subject is “The Flash”. The DC show is extremely popular, and time travel is one of the basic concepts of the show.

But back to more realistic and science-proved theories. Is time travel actually possible? Well, we will let you find out yourself, and hear it from experts like Professor Stephen Hawking, and Dr. Michio Kaku. The documentary also features other leading experts in the field who reveal their views on the subject.

Who knows, maybe soon enough, time travel will be more than just a fantasy and science fiction.

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Riyan H.