The Best Documentaries About Stephen Hawking

Nov 2, 2023 | Best Of, Celebrities, Technology

If you want to learn more about the life and achievements of Stephen Hawking, then these 10 documentaries are a must-watch. From exploring his incredible contributions to science, to analyzing how he managed to accomplish so much while battling motor neuron disease, these films will show you the journey of one of the greatest minds in history. Get ready to be inspired by Stephen Hawking’s incredible story and be amazed at the sheer power of human capability.


1. Stephen Hawking A Personal Journey

The late Stephen Hawking, a renowned British scientist and cosmologist, was a revolutionary figure in the world of science. He changed our understanding of the universe and our place in it forever. His life’s work has been nothing short of extraordinary and his influence on modern physics can never be underestimated.


2. StarTalk with Neil deGrasse Tyson & Stephen Hawking

In honor of Stephen Hawking, Neil deGrasse Tyson recently interviewed the renowned theoretical physicist in a special StarTalk episode. This spectacular tribute to Hawking’s lifetime achievements included contributions from astrophysicist Janna Levin, comedian Matt Kirshen, Michio Kaku (theoretical physicist), and Bill Nye the Science Guy.


3. How Stephen Hawking changed the World

Stephen Hawking was a world-renowned physicist who changed the way we look at cosmology, black holes and quantum gravity. He dedicated his life to research and he revolutionized our understanding of how the universe works. His work inspired many people across the globe and his books are still some of the most widely read scientific texts today.


4. Einstein and Hawking Master’s of the Universe

While Stephen Hawking may have been known for his brilliant research and theories on black holes, gravity and the universe at large, there’s far more to him than just that. That’s why documentaries about his life are so important — they bring us closer to understanding this genius in a way we can appreciate.


5. An Evening with Stephen Hawking, Ideas at the House

One of the few scientific minds that can be said to have left a lasting impression on humanity is Stephen Hawking. His unique theories and discoveries have forever changed our understanding of the universe, and his legacy lives on today. We are privileged to have had the chance to experience these amazing insights he has shared over the decades through his numerous documentaries, recordings, and writings.


6. Questioning the universe

Those of us passionate about the universe have a special fascination with Stephen Hawking. His groundbreaking research, along with his witty and inspirational persona, make him an icon and source of fascination. Through his work, he has changed our understanding of the universe and offered some remarkable insights into its origins.


7. Stephen Hawking: The Greatest Scientist of Our Time

It’s impossible to deny the greatness of Stephen Hawking, and his legacy lives on through the many documentaries dedicated to telling his story. From exploring the man behind the science, to discovering what made him unique, these films explore the extraordinary life of one of our most beloved scientists.


8. MIND-BLOWING Things About Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking is a figure of extraordinary genius who has fascinated and inspired us for centuries. His theories have helped to shape our understanding of the universe, and his beliefs have challenged conventional thinking about science and philosophy alike. From discoveries on black holes to the appreciation of alien species, Stephen Hawking has been at the forefront of modern science.


9. Stephen Hawking Transformation

The incredible life of Stephen Hawking is a tale that has captivated the world. From his early days as a groundbreaking physicist to his later years in which he faced unimaginable physical challenges, his story is one of courage and resilience. With his innovative contributions to science, Stephen Hawking’s story has become the stuff of legend.

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