Tidal energy could be huge – why isn’t it?

May 4, 2023 | Environmental, Technology, Videos


The potential of tidal power to revolutionize the way we generate energy is enormous, but right now its implementation is vastly underutilized. It’s estimated that enough tidal energy could be harnessed to power all homes in the United States twice over, yet we can only capture a fraction of this potential. So why do we remain so far behind other renewable sources?

Planet A, a new documentary airing on Fridays, aims to explore the shift towards an eco-friendly world and challenge our ideas about what it means to mitigate climate change. The show looks at both the large scale and microcosmic aspects of our current ecological crisis – from what individuals can do to make a difference, to how systems need to change in order for us all to benefit.

This vital, timely series investigates how business, government and everyday people can work together to build a more sustainable future for all. It takes an international approach and encourages progressive action – proposing achievable solutions for tackling climate change and protecting the planet.


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David B