Through The Wormhole: How Did We Get Here?

May 28, 2022 | Science, Videos

Wherever we look, there is life, in most hospital settings and in the most extreme. However, we found only life on our planet. How did things the stars come together to create life as we know it? What it really means “life”? And help us unravel the mystery to find life elsewhere?

About 4.6 million years ago, our solar system like a giant swirling cloud of cosmic dust, hydrogen and other gases. As with the thousands of these clouds in our galaxy, some of these molecules began condensing, collecting and creating their own gravity.

Eventually, these small groups formed what became our sun – a star surrounded by a fast moving, hard plane formed by the remains of the cloud. These remains also became the planets of our solar system, the belt of asteroids and other interstellar bodies.

Relative proximity of the Earth to the sun caused the gases were largely burned away in those first days, leaving a rock, metal-rich planet from planetesimals, or smaller cosmic bodies. These planetesimals himself may have brought water and gases later. Often made of ice, which helped sow the seeds of what would be a fertile, water-rich planet, with a healthy, able to protect life from the harmful rays of the sun.

This is the fifth episode. See the list of all the episodes here: through the hole.

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Riyan H.