This climate gas is scarier than CO2

Jul 29, 2023 | Environmental, Videos

Methane is one of the most potent greenhouse gases, second only to carbon dioxide in driving global climate change. And yet, while most people are busy searching for technological solutions to our climate crisis — like renewable energy sources — a simple solution is being overlooked: plugging methane leaks from fossil fuel companies.

This startling fact is explored in the new documentary “Plug the Leaks”, which follows scientists and activists as they investigate the colossal amounts of methane that fossil fuel companies are allowing to escape into our atmosphere. The film sheds light on how these emissions could be drastically reduced with surprisingly little cost or effort.

The stakes couldn’t be higher. Just a few of these producers account for almost 25% of global methane emissions. Plugging their leaks could make a measurable difference in maintaining our climate targets and keeping temperatures from rising beyond safe levels.

Unfortunately, most politicians and big oil companies aren’t keen on taking action when it comes to this issue — preferring instead to focus on more complex projects around renewable energy sources. But that isn’t enough– without doing something about these easy-to-fix leaks, all of our efforts may be for naught.

That’s why it’s time we all take action and demand better from those who have an obligation to protect us and our environment. We must watch “Plug the Leaks” and spread the word about this serious problem so that others can understand its implications and put pressure on those responsible for fixing it. With everyone working together, we can help ensure that our planet is safe for generations to come — starting by plugging these dangerous methane leaks right now!

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David B