The Wizard Oz

Jun 18, 2023 | Lifestyle, Videos

Oz, real name Oberon Zell-Ravenheart, is a self-proclaimed wizard who has devoted his life to studying and experimenting with magic. His journey began as a child with Greek mythology storybooks, sneaking out on full moon nights as part of a monthly ritual and discovering that he was a prodigy.

Oz continued to delve into the world of magic, mythology and witchcraft and eventually had an epiphany – to start his own organization that embraced all belief systems without being exclusive. This idea quickly caught fire, attracting thousands of followers who referred to themselves as pagans.

In the span of his lifetime, Oz has accomplished incredible feats such as raising unicorns on his farm for some time and creating a fantastical life for himself. Through it all, however, he has come to terms with the limitations of magic; knowing that one cannot raise the dead, change the past or force love. But even when faced with mortality, Oz remains determined to ensure that his teachings live on long after he’s gone.

This inspiring documentary will take viewers on an extraordinary journey through Oz’s life as he candidly shares anecdotes about his magical adventures with his beloved wife Morning Glory. It will offer insight into what it takes to be a true believer in magic and inspire us all to remember our dreams and never give up hope. Don’t miss out – watch this thought-provoking film now!

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David B