The Witches Are Back

May 7, 2023 | Culture, Social, Videos

The fear of being labeled a witch is not something confined to the distant past. In recent times, women who have spoken out and challenged the status quo have been met with accusations of witchcraft, an accusation that has often had devastating consequences for those accused. Now, however, feminists are taking back this term and using it as an empowering symbol of strength and resilience.

The documentary “Witches: A Century of Murder” explores this phenomenon in depth, examining how societal attitudes towards women have changed over time and how accusations of witchcraft have been used to maintain the patriarchy. Through archival footage, interviews with experts in various fields such as psychology and history, as well as testimonies from survivors of witch trials, the documentary shines a light on this dark period of history.

The film also provides insight into the present day implications of these historical attitudes towards women. From witch hunts carried out against women in modern-day Africa to female genital mutilation still practiced across many cultures today, notions about witches remain pervasive in society today. However, it also celebrates how far we have come in creating a more equitable society where all genders are respected and their voices heard.

Watching “Witches: A Century Of Murder” offers viewers the opportunity to gain a greater understanding of how attitudes towards gender can shape our society for better or worse. From its powerful storytelling to its captivating visuals, this documentary is sure to inspire viewers to take action against injustice and discrimination wherever they encounter it. By standing up for what is right even when faced with significant resistance, we can ensure that no woman ever needs to fear being called a witch again.

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David B