The war on my phone – Lifeline to Syria (2/2)

Dec 1, 2023 | Military/War, People, Videos

In a two-part documentary, four refugees living in Europe share their stories of a life torn between the safety of their host countries and the war raging in their home country, Syria. Amjad, Omar, Zena, and Shahinaz receive messages and videos from their loved ones every day, showing them what’s happening in a place that is still very much a part of them. The messages are personal, with names and faces, and they offer a glimpse into a reality that is often overlooked in news broadcasts.
The documentaries present authentic and often blurry footage, taken by amateur videographers, which leave no doubt about the horrors of war. The videos show shelling in Idlib, scenes from inside a Syrian jail, and everyday life in an area controlled by the so-called Islamic State (ISIS). In the cafes of Münster, Lake Geneva’s picturesque backdrops, or the lush-green landscapes of Ahrweiler, ISIS propaganda films pop up on their smartphones, bringing the war to their doorstep. As their new, safe lives in Europe are thrown into disarray by the haunting videos from their homeland, the protagonists are left struggling to reconcile their often idyllic surroundings with the reality of the conflict. Join Amjad, Omar, Zena, and Shahinaz on a stirring journey that is as personal as it is politically relevant.

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David B