The truth about hydrogen

May 7, 2023 | Science, Videos

Hydrogen is a hot topic in the energy sector. As countries around the world are striving to achieve net zero emissions, many believe that hydrogen has the potential to help us reach our goals. Proponents of this energy source claim that it could soon power large parts of our economies, while others argue it’s just a ploy by Big Oil and Gas.

Regardless of which side you believe in, one thing is clear: hydrogen could have a significant impact on our future, and everyone is talking about it. But what does this mean for us? Is hydrogen really the fuel of the future?

The documentary “Powering Our Future: The Impact of Hydrogen” dives deep into the debate surrounding this emerging energy source. Through interviews with leading experts and deep analysis of current research, viewers are provided an in-depth look at all aspects of hydrogen’s potential as well as its challenges.

From understanding how it can be safely produced and stored without releasing any pollutants or carbon dioxide to exploring how it can be used in everyday settings, every aspect of this alternative fuel source is discussed in detail. Additionally, we learn about leading innovations being developed across industries such as transportation, industry and agricultural production that could use hydrogen to eventually replace fossil fuels and reduce global emissions.

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David B