The Shape of a Killer | Full Episode

Aug 15, 2023 | Crime, Videos

Recent news of three homicides in Austin, Texas has turned the city into a state of panic. With little evidence to go on, investigators are desperately searching for anything that could lead them to the killer or killers involved. Could a man testing out a thermal imaging camera in his backyard have inadvertently captured something that could help solve this heinous crime?

It appears so. On CBS’s “48 Hours”, correspondent Maureen Maher investigates the potential thermal imaging footage and looks into what it might mean for the investigation. After speaking with experts on the matter, she discovers that the image may contain crucial information related to one of the suspects in the case. With no other leads to go on, investigators now believe this footage could be their best hope of finding answers and bringing justice to those affected by these murders.

The aptly titled episode “A Killer Caught On Camera” is filled with captivating details and facts gathered by Maureen Maher as she scours Austin for clues and interviews those who were closest to each victim. It’s an intense look inside a true-crime drama as viewers follow along with her every step and witness firsthand how hard it can be for investigators when they feel like they’ve hit a dead end.

If you’re looking for an intriguing watch with lots of suspenseful moments and shocking revelations, tune into “48 Hours: A Killer Caught On Camera” now available on Pluto TV. Follow Maureen Maher as she dives deep into this case and finds out if the thermal imaging footage really does hold all the answers they need. Get ready for an exciting ride full of twists and turns as you experience first-hand what it takes to crack a murder investigation wide open!

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