How shaming women for periods leads to plastic pollution

May 31, 2023 | Environmental, People, Videos

As the body of evidence showing the damaging effects of plastic waste continues to grow, it’s important to take a closer look at all aspects of our lives that may contribute to it. Among them is something we rarely discuss openly – menstrual products. These everyday items tell the story of modern society, from its capitalist and patriarchal structures to its cultural norms and environmental impacts. It’s time we brought these issues out into the open and explored how menstrual products are impacting our world today, and what we can do about it.

From disposable pads, tampons and liners to reusable cups and cloth pads, menstrual product choices have long been shaped by gender roles. As many Indigenous communities have noted for centuries, menstruation has traditionally been viewed as a part of women’s spiritual journey and power rather than as a source of discomfort or shame. Unfortunately, this perspective was greatly diminished under colonial rule in which gender roles were heavily enforced in order to control access to resources and labor. This emphasis on patriarchy has continued into present day with considerable consequences for women’s access to health care products such as menstrual pads which are treated more like luxury items than basic necessities in many parts of the world.

Beyond gender issues, there’s also the matter of waste pollution resulting from single-use menstrual products such as pads and tampons which are made from a mix of synthetic fibers such as rayon, cotton, polyester blend fabrics and plastic components. While these can last up to 500 years before breaking down completely in landfills or waterways, reusable options may be better for both humans and planet in terms of energy costs associated with production cycles as well their smaller ecological footprint over time.

The documentary “Period: The End Of Menstrual Taboo” takes an insightful look at these topics by highlighting stories from around the globe on menstruation practices from various cultures while also offering tips on how individuals can make eco-friendly choices when it comes to period care products . Through its interviews with activists , medical professionals , entrepreneurs , environmentalists , advocates , educators and more , this film aims to create more awareness about why talking about periods matter .

We need conversations around menstrual health care so that people everywhere can understand their rights , access quality reproductive services , protect their health and well-being – all without fear or stigma . That’s why we should watch this eye-opening documentary . “Period: The End Of Menstrual Taboo” will help us gain greater insight into how menstruation practices shape our societies today while providing us with ideas on how we can move towards a better future where everyone is free to make informed choices related to their period care needs without any kind of discrimination or judgement .

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