The Secret World of Lewis Carroll

Mar 2, 2024 | Videos

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland has captivated readers for over 150 years and remains one of the most beloved works of fantasy literature ever written. Written by Reverend Charles Dodgson, otherwise known as Lewis Carroll, it is a timeless classic that has been quoted more than any other book apart from the Bible and Shakespeare.

To commemorate this milestone anniversary, a new documentary about Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and its author is set to be released. The film features journalist Martha Kearney exploring the life of Lewis Carroll and other relevant biographies to gain further insight into his work. It also delves deeper into what inspired him to write such an iconic story, particularly that of Alice Liddell – the young girl who served as his muse for Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

This documentary promises to provide viewers with an intimate look at the world of Lewis Carroll and his literary masterpiece. It is sure to be an eye-opening journey full of discovery and intrigue! If you are interested in learning more about one of the greatest works of fantasy literature ever written or simply want to celebrate its 150th anniversary, then make sure you don’t miss out on this amazing documentary!

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David B