The Secret of Drawing

Feb 16, 2024 | Art, Videos

In a world of digital technology, Andrew Graham-Dixon is making the case for the importance of drawing in art. In this four part documentary series, he sheds light on why it should be seen as the first and most essential skill for any artist. Drawing has been around since ancient times, and yet today it is often viewed as a relic of the past.

But in this series, Graham-Dixon shows how drawing can still be used to create meaningful works of art that capture emotions and convey ideas. He interviews leading contemporary artists who explain how drawing allows them to explore their creativity and express themselves more freely than other mediums. He also speaks with experts about its history, science and philosophy.

The documentary features artwork from many different traditions including Chinese brush painting, Italian frescos and African sculpture carving. Each episode provides viewers with insight into the craftsmanship involved in creating art through drawing.

At a time when many art schools are neglecting traditional practices in favour of digital technology or video cameras, this series serves as an important reminder of the value of drawing for artmaking. By encouraging us to examine our relationship with graphic expression, Graham-Dixon makes an engaging case for why we should all give drawing another chance.

So if you’re looking for a fresh perspective on the place of drawing in contemporary art, tune into this documentary series featuring Andrew Graham-Dixon’s fascinating exploration of the power and potential that lies within every line drawn by hand. With interesting concepts explained by professional artists and thoughtful insights from experts, it is sure to be an enlightening experience that will leave you inspired to pick up your pencils again or see things differently through your camera lens!

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David B