The school for role-play in Denmark

Nov 18, 2023 | Culture, People, Social, Videos

The traditional chalk-and-talk approach to teaching is losing its grip on education. So, what if there was a better way? Meet the students of the Østerskov Efterskole in Hobro, Denmark, where role-play forms the basis of their learning. In this groundbreaking documentary, we follow the journey of Emma, a dyslexic student who struggled in a conventional school, as she experiences a new approach to education.
Thanks to the unique Danish school system, where students have the option of attending free schools for up to three years, we witness firsthand how the role-play method can transform the academic performance of students with learning difficulties. With an astonishing three-quarters of Østerskov Efterskole students transferring to universities, this documentary shows how practical and real-life learning can be the key to unlocking academic potential. Don’t miss Third Person, a riveting exploration of the future of education.”

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David B