Plants for a Future

Mar 13, 2023 | Nature, Videos

A garden can eat, a garden that you can use a garden can be used as drugs, a garden can be used as fuel and to build their homes … a garden full of purpose, and a garden you can enjoy too – you can sit in – and a garden that takes up all his time. Actually you can, for a few hours every week, produce the things you need. Ten years as a bus unit of London Ken Fern led them to seek an alternative way of life. After a period of annual crops grindingly work in a small plot in Sari, it was decided to investigate how news of breeding plants that were not as labor intensive. Inspired by the ideas of Robert Hart and the will to make your dreams a reality, Ken Addy and his wife eventually settled in a field of 28 acres in Cornwall, which is exposed to the full force of the winds blowing from the southwest Atlantic.

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Riyan H.