The real reason Germans won’t stop speeding

Sep 11, 2023 | Environmental, Technology, Videos

Germany is currently the lone holdout of rich countries that continues to not have a speed limit on its highways. This environmental oversight has meant that the country has consistently produced high levels of carbon dioxide per year, which has contributed to global warming and climate change.

A documentary film entitled “Why Germany Doesn’t Have a Speed Limit” sheds light on the question as to why this environmentally conscious nation still allows cars on their highways without a limit. The film takes an in-depth look at the political situation in Germany, where legislation has been proposed countless times but never passed due to conflicting views of profitability versus sustainability.

The consequences of losing this battle are severe: if Germany implemented a speed limit, it could cut millions of tonnes of CO2 per year thanks to fewer emissions and fuel savings. This would have a huge impact on reducing global warming, making it one of the most important environmental decisions for Germany today.

This gripping documentary follows the story of three protagonists who are affected by this issue from different perspectives — from those fighting for lower speeds and those standing up against them. It gives an eye-opening look at how influential lobbies can be in deciding government policy and how long-term environmental costs are so often overlooked in favour of short-term economic gain.

“Why Germany Doesn’t Have a Speed Limit” is an important watch for anyone interested in understanding what is happening behind closed doors when it comes to environmental decision-making. For those living in Germany or with close ties there, it is even more essential viewing as they can personally help make their voices heard by supporting efforts to implement a speed limit throughout the country. So don’t miss out — watch “Why Germany Doesn’t Have a Speed Limit” and join the fight against climate change today!

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David B