The Real Jesus Christ

Feb 7, 2024 | History, Religion, Videos

The documentary ‘Lost Gospel of Jesus’ sheds light on the untold story of Jesus Christ’s life. It asks an intriguing question – what if the faction of Jesus’ family and followers had won the power struggle against St. Paul’s group and written their own version of Jesus’ biography?

The documentary delves into this fascinating mystery, exploring the potential implications for a completely different understanding of Jesus as a man and his divine message. We learn about the two main factions within early Christianity – those who followed St. Paul’s teachings and those who remained close to Jesus and his family, including his brother James.

We also explore how these two groups interpreted Jesus’ words differently, leading to a power struggle that eventually resulted in one side emerging victorious and writing what we now know as The New Testament Gospels. This victory meant certain stories were silenced, leaving us with only one version of events.

The documentary offers viewers an invaluable insight into this lesser-known part of Christianity’s history and encourages us to consider how different our understanding would be if more than one side had been given a voice in telling the story. With compelling interviews from scholars, historians and members of faith communities, it provides an engaging journey through centuries-old debates concerning origins of Christianity and morality across traditions that remain relevant today.

If you’re curious about the untold story behind Jesus Christ’s life or simply want to gain a deeper understanding of Christian history, then ‘Lost Gospel of Jesus’ is definitely worth watching. Its exploration into alternative interpretations offers viewers valuable insight into why we have come to view the world in certain ways today – something that can help each one of us to become more aware citizens in our global society.

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David B