The Real Cost of Cheap Wood | Wood Industry

Jul 27, 2023 | People, Videos

Join us for a riveting journey through Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia as we uncover the true cost of the wood products we use daily. The forests these products come from have been pillaged and polluted, leaving the ecosystem and the people who rely on them in disarray. In this thought-provoking documentary, we take you from Sweden, to France, to Romania and Indonesia, revealing one corporation’s dark secret behind the cheap wood while unmasking the perpetrators behind the global problem of illegal deforestation.
Our investigation reveals the harsh realities of greed and corruption that underlie the complex, multi-billion dollar global timber trade. We delve into IKEA, one of the largest furniture retailers in the world, and explore their use of allegedly illegal lumber in their products. Meanwhile, APP plantations in Indonesia have caused widespread destruction to local communities, leading to pollution and suffering. Don’t miss this powerful exposé that will ultimately change the way you think about the things we purchase.

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David B