The Real Bruce Lee is an amazing martial arts documentary that showcases the footage of a legendary master. Bruce Lee was known all over the world for his awe-inspiring presence, impressive fighting abilities, and remarkable speed. The video starts with a biography of this iconic figure and features clips from four of his childhood films.

Bad Boy, Orphan Sam, Kid Cheung, and The Carnival are all sepia-toned and dubbed in English to preserve the original intent of the creator. With this documentary viewers get to witness never before seen fight scenes and moments that will remain embedded in their minds forever. Not only does it give people a glimpse into his life but also shows how he has influenced martial arts today.

The Real Bruce Lee is not only entertaining but deeply emotional as well. It remembers the late icon with reverence and reminds viewers of the void he left when he passed away so suddenly. Martial arts fans, movie buffs and everyone else should watch this documentary as it captures the essence of Bruce Lee’s existence in many ways that words cannot express. So come take a journey through Bruce Lee’s life with The Real Bruce Lee – you won’t regret it!